Sara Rae (sarakenobi) wrote in sarakenobi_pics,
Sara Rae

This week was not a happy one!
but who doesn't love polar bears, bellasmommy?


dear Knut, plz move to america and play with my dogs. love, Sarakenobi

is ded from qyute.

Stumpy the 4 legged duck --- now only has 3 because one was stuck in a fence post and had to be amputated. "That's still one more than regular ducks bitches" -- Stumpy


fashion is weird LOLOLOL

it is an amazing talent when you can pick and LICK

that is really long hair. she washes it 1x a week for 90 minutes!

420 lolz

The hearse carrying the coffin of Asia's richest woman Nina Wang leaves a Hong Kong funeral home on 18 April 2007. Hong Kong media has reported that Asia's richest woman left her wealth to her fortune-teller in her last known will.


newborn stars taken by Hubble


creepy, right?

a glass violin. isn't it so pretty?!


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flowers in the Netherlands

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an airshow at penis rock. i mean, sugarloaf mountain or something

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i think this is my favorite picture of the week! heeee goats on ladders

this was unavoidable and there are so many touching and heartwrenching pictures to chose from. I will not glorify the killer by posting his picture or his name, but here are a few pictures that took my breath away and squeezed my heart

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I'm cooler than all.
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